A story from hidrohide

Maybe this story is not repeated again in my life. In only one of many battles in the water, this is to remind. When we were satisfied with the results, after some surprises, discovered the cake. The sleeve crabeater, seven copies. The place was a rectory which prevented us focus them. At this time I thought about my chronology of the species, history repeated, only this time it was in another pond, another scenario, other technical difficulties. Nothing for two guys wanting to photograph. Knowing how to act is essential in these cases. Once you selected the right guy here was not sufficient approximation, Too vegetation, although we were close, failed to focus our lenses. The solution was to act backwards, from the shore into the water. In this way we avoid the vegetation. Asi fué, we come to see the response and do not hesitate to gatillear, tolerance was total. Too bad this story fuck me with my long gun.


Canon 7D. Canon 400mm f5,6. f8 1/1000 ISO 400

Thus optimal conditions were, light, background, pose. Displaying this tolerance I always opt for portraits, I like to eat birds, play with different positions to change the backgrounds and lights. This is critical for a variety Photographic equal conditions.


Canon 7D. Canon 400mm f5,6. f8 1/800 ISO 250

_LFL9903 (2)

Canon 7D. Canon 400mm f5,6. f8 1/640 ISO 250

The accounts of my machine did not fail, better results in quality could not get. This was a unique moment to remember with a friend. J.A.Cruz.


Canon 7D. Canon 400mm f5,6. f8 1/1250 ISO 320

Squacco.Ardeola ralloides.

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