Climber and Carbonero on camera

Some time ago I came up with this idea. Another object that will pass ancient relics that have this feeder, along with the old cage and coffee grinder.

This Revue 3 is a Russian-made camera, This particular model is a special edition that brought this brand 1968 for the German market and marketed Foto-Quelle in time. Today an entire object of collecting. In my hands I came to stop by a family who bought it in Germany, is broken and served as a decorative object at home. Now be used to compose and humanize birds.


Canon 60D Canon 200mm f2.8 f/5 1/640 iso 400.

Blue climber.Sitta europaea.


Canon 60D Canon 200mm f2.8 f/5 1/800 iso 400.

Tit. Parus major.

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