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Hide the trajectory of the Eagles is unsurpassed, I am amazed every day more into it. During the period of insurance éxtito, every year in the months of June and July always enters a vulture. They come here attracted by many gyrations. In are regulars at these latitudes normally. Already checked this behavior in another facility had formerly photograph the service of this company. This was a young guy.


Canon 7D. Canon 400mm f5,6. f8 1/1000 ISO 400

Alimoche. Neophron percnopterus.

Centrarte in a purpose are fundamental in each session, although there is time for everything, here we must be clear from the beginning. I put this time to sample the black kites, with them you can do anything:

Flights to short:


Canon 7D. Canon 200mm f2,8. f4.5 1/2500 ISO 640


Canon 7D. Canon 200mm f2,8. f4.5 1/2000 ISO 640

Pictures at the same height and the minimum approach limit my lens:


Canon 60D. Canon 400mm f5.6. f7,1 1/250 ISO 640

Action as fur:


Canon 60D. Canon 400mm f5,6. f7,1 1/640 ISO 640.

Milano negro. Kite kite.

For more difficult scavengers, in this place you can capture their true plumage color in harsh light conditions when dealing with central hours. The operating environment has different troncas located in optimal locations, in shades, mobile, to adjust the frame of the frame and crop the image after.


Canon 60D. Canon 400mm f5.6. f5.6 1/200 ISO 800.

Crow. Corvus corax.

Looking for stork, which in most cases is a hindrance, or because you have background or front.


Canon 60D. Canon 200mm f2,8. f7.1 1/1600 ISO 400.

White Stork. Ciconia ciconia.

Great approach to other opportunistic, in this case towards the ground contrapicando. I think at this distance eso note poco.


Canon60D. Canon 400mm f5.6. f5.6 1/250 ISO 640

Buzzard. Buteo buteo.

Tense moments when large reach.


Canon 7D. Canon 200mm f2,8. f8 1/640 ISO 500.


Canon 7D. Canon 400mm f5,6. f8 1/800 ISO 500.

Griffon Vulture. Gyps fulvus.

Portraits for Other stars that never fail in these carronadas.


Canon 7D. Canon 400mm f5,6. f8 1/250 ISO 500.


Canon 7D. Canon 400mm f5,6. f8 1/320 ISO 400.

Butre negro. Aegypius monachus.

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