We are a pioneer in this photographic technique, the hidrohide definitely our best activity, offer the possibility of photographing different species of waterfowl in several different ponds, located in the heart of an area pseudoesteparia. We provide our hidrohides with waders. Just tighten your bearings to connect the equipment. Sessions can be done in the morning or afternoon and have a duration of 4-5 hours. You can use two methods of photography, heeled stay in one piece or at the edge of the pond waiting or chasing birds. The hidrohides with which we are able to support the weight of a person in a hundred kilograms, although this does not give standing. The design of these means is very seguro.Los flotation photographic scenarios are unique worldwide and. We have a really amazing birdlife. Dependiendo de su estacionalidad así estan presente las especies a fotografiar. What you do here will not do elsewhere in the world.

Hidrohide HidrohideHidrohide


CAPACITY: 4 photographers

TEMPORARY: March – October

– SPECIES: Ánade real, Ánade friso, Shoveler, Pato colorado, Common teal, Zampullín chico, European porrones, Redfish common, Coot, Somormujo lavanco, Archibebe claro, Archibebe oscuro, Redshank, Chico Andarríos, Andarríos large, Bastard Andarríos, Correlimos common, Chorlitejo chico, Chorlitejo grande, Agachadiza chica, Agachadiza common, Aguja colinegra, Aguja colipinta, Dorado Chorlito, Avefría, Canastera, Pagaza piconegra, Cigüeñuela, Reidora Gaviota, Gull, Great cormorant, Garza real, Garza imperial, Garceta grande,Garceta common, Garcilla bueyera, White Stork, Black Stork, Zarapito real,Curlew trinador, Spatula, Avetorillo, Kingfisher, Ganga Ortega, Curlew, Grulla, Carricero common, Carricero tordal, White Wagtail, Wagtail, Rascon, Ansar common, Bustard, Common Flamenco, Montagu's Harrier, marsh harrier, Elanio azul, Paloma torcaz, partridge,Abejaruco, Garduña, Meloncillo….


For more information on Hidrohide can contact us via phone 622 858 327 and 665 099 971 or fill in the form on this page.

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