Hide the Eagles

One facility dedicated to photographing birds of prey, of prey and scavengers. An integrated and hide camouflaged in the environment, built with recycled materials. Inside it has a more comfortable space for 4 photographers and is equipped with wc. Its windows mode pockets have a special system that allows maximum vision, total concealment against the movements inside and acceptable sound insulation to prevent noise outside. Out, in the stage, has many moving parts as logs and stones to be used as innkeepers, enabling maximum optimization in substance, Photographic diversity and adjust the focal length of each photographer. On the left side of the scope vultures and other carrion birds and work on the right side closest to hide, our great raptor mount adehesado.

This is multifunctional hide depending on the species to be photographed and its seasonality. You can do several sessions on it exclusively dedicating specific species.

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CAPACITY: 4 photographers


– SPECIES: Griffon Vulture, Buitre negro, Alimoche, Milano negro, Milano real, Buzzard, Crow, White Stork, Rabilargo.


For more information about Hide Eagles can contact us via phone 622 858 327 and 665 099 971 or fill in the form on this page.

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