Feeder – Drinker The Nuthatch

This feeder is specially oriented to take advantage of the morning light, allowing work from sunrise until noon. It is built of masonry with tiled roof and has a maximum capacity 4 people. It has various innkeepers made with natural logs can be placed like each, stones with lichen and moss to make reflections to compose. Also several artificial funds. This hide is ideal for those inexperienced photographers who want a quick and entertaining shooting experience with every place controlled conditions, their success is more than guaranteed. The scenery around the trough is composed of a mountain with scrub adehesado. Species that fall are typical of these forests. Here we have photographed over 50 different species and is running from 2011.

comedero01b Comedero-Bebedero El Trepador Azul comedero03b

CAPACITY: 4 photographers


– SPECIES: Blue climber, Tit, Tit, Curruca cabecinegra, Curruca capirotada, Common green, Verdecillo common, Common Sparrow, Gorrión chillón, Pinzón vulgar, Alcaudón common, Rabilargo, Bisbita, White Wagtail, Cogujada common, Myth, Redstart,Colirrojo real, Mirlo, Lapwing, Petirrojo, Zorzal common, Mosquitero, Escribano only takes, Kingfisher…


For more information on the feeder-drinker Blue Climber can contact us via phone 622 858 327 and 665 099 971 or fill in the form on this page.

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