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We have multiple hides to photograph the birds that you like: scavengers, raptors, aquatic, paseriformes... camera

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At all times you will be advised to be able to make the most of your stay in our hides and get your most desired photographs.


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06th Sep 2017

Offer photographic guides,,es,We propose a photographic activity at low cost to create your trip ..,,es

Te proponemos una actividad fotográfica a bajo coste para crear tu viaje guiado. Ven, conócenos, haz tus fotografías y vende nuestro producto. Trust our professionalism if your interest are ..,,es,the place where..,,es.

06th Sep 2017

Hidrohide. 2017

We arrived late summer,,es,A year in which shortages ..,,es. Un año en el que la escasez de lluvia ha marcado el nivel de las aguas, determinando las condiciones de las orillas, el lugar donde...

25th Apr 2017

El nuevo hide para Mochuelo

Un hide ubicado cerca de su pedrizo donde asiduamente el defiende su territorio. Here in a geodesic point between Spain and Portugal very close to the frotera and a few ..,es.

06th Feb 2017

The decline of a population grullera.

Photography Our success does not transmit the reality of what is happening with this species in the wintering area. A place that should have a growing population,...

23rd Sep 2016

When birds leave…

These are times when the summer birds wintering leave and not come. This makes my job a photo stop. Es el momento de reflexionar sobre los...

22nd Feb 2016

cranes. The end of a season.

The crane is one of the species of birds that have felt great predilection when photographing. When I started in photography ...

23rd Dec 2015

Today an evolving hide

It all started in 2013 when this facility replaced the famed House of Guards. Now after 2 years working with the same species have progressed learning with them ....

27th Sep 2015

Una temporada más

Quiero resumir en este post algunas fotos presenciadas a la sombra de otros fotógrafos, intentando capturar aquellos momentos únicos cuando la oportunidad lo permite. Una vez más me siento satisfecho...